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1398 days ago


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yakulaja57 1333 days ago

nasa upload photos planet..

douglascork1 1397 days ago

Nothing in Cavern X: head to the Left: Leave Obama Signs down there too. CommanderCork
Last Planet Air

VinnuSC 1397 days ago


douglascork1 1397 days ago

Commander HotDougsCork
Dr. Doug
Dr. D: Take Wormhole on Left not the one on the right: 10 seconds over T

douglascork1 1397 days ago

Looking out I recall that Old Bob Dylan Movie:
"Don't Look Back" and "After the Flood" and "8 Miles High"N

douglascork1 1397 days ago

If willing to accept the challenge as me hardy, contact Dr. Stephen Haynes, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii.
Over and Out,

douglascork1 1397 days ago

Splash CommanderHotDoug through the wormhole on the left, then you will be moored 8 miles deep, to the left in the bathoscaf at 2,000 atmospheres.

debbdutta06 1397 days ago