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 The name 'Romney' is spelled out in sand during an Obama & Christie aerial tour of the Atlantic Coast

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1496 days ago

The name 'Romney' is spelled out in sand during an Obama & Christie aerial tour of the Atlantic Coast


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monjciao 1487 days ago

Christie deliverered. He's now obsolete. He'll soon have time to attend etiquette school. Maybe even find his soul. Shame on you Mr. so called man of principle. Go back to your role "F&T BA£€*√# on Austin Powers movies.

monjciao 1495 days ago

Wasn't Christie a main star in Deliverance? I think he was the chubby
actor on knees? Good yes man? After all he made that tall man happy!

JakeMrjamster 1495 days ago

If you look at what is washed away it says ROMNEY SUCKS THE LAST BREATH OUT OF THE DEMS SEE YA!!!

MsPacNWer 1495 days ago

is wrong: size ratio to the folks in the left of pic doesn't support his comment

MsPacNWer 1495 days ago

Anyone thinking is pro-Romney is ignoring what was written underneath: "SUCKS": "ROMNEY SUCKS!"

BearRightAhead 1495 days ago

Earlier, witnesses reported seeing a huge flock of seagulls engaged in some bizarre behavior. "They seemed to be circling that area in a holding pattern," one eyewitness said, "while they would take turns a few at a time going down and scratching on the

amsloly 1495 days ago

Mitt Romney Works Rooms At Alfred Smith Dinner and Does

marhear2010 1495 days ago

God’s work “Obama burnt my bible”.

markrhoward 1495 days ago

Only Jesus Saves!

GirlScoutMA 1495 days ago

It's positive for Romney & negative for Obama. They wrote it knowing Obama was flying over.

Rufus_Lee_King 1495 days ago

Sorry to disappoint, I enlarged it and it says, "Romney Save Us".

FeedingFreedom 1495 days ago

The marks underneath are where the person who wrote it was standing while they did it, probably with a stick or rake. The writing is much deeper than the footprints, but don't let the truth stand in the way of your bias!

ChrisBlec 1495 days ago

Someone thinks Romney sucks. SHOCKING.

Sadiepunkin 1495 days ago

Shawn and Zecket, if you noticed that then you also noticed a differance in style of writing indicating someone else added "sucks" it.

shawntempesta 1495 days ago

And right underneath it, either washed out or scratched out, it says "Sucks".

zecket 1495 days ago

Looks like "Romney Sucks" to me.