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Look it's Edward asleeeep

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918 days ago

Look it's Edward asleeeep


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coletteszuta 890 days ago

Move over sleeping beauty there is a new sleeping beauty in town

JEDHEAD_INES 918 days ago

awwww *-*

countryDainty 918 days ago

уиииииииииии,какая няя спит:*:*

Ed_Lankaster 918 days ago

что может быть прекраснее спящего ангела??? :3

sugarlipshoney 918 days ago

He's cute & thanks JG x

Go_withthe_Floh 918 days ago

Classic Sleeping Edward.

CharmingJedward 918 days ago


lizi71 918 days ago

What about it is sweet! Asleep as my teddy bear! love you edward my sweet :*

crazyjedwardx 918 days ago

Sleeping Beauty awwwww! Edward looks so peaceful let's play the Home Alone tune Wooooooooo =:)

e_roosen 918 days ago

sleeping beauty <3

Bonbondoodle 918 days ago

oh wait...he fell asleep in his clothes didn't he? I've done THAT before!

Ed_witha_Zzz 918 days ago

johns favorite thing is to take picture of edward sleeping .. not that im complaining :)

JED_nEmo 918 days ago

sleeping like an angel :$

JED_nEmo 918 days ago

awwwww so cuteeee :$

xAllward 918 days ago

Aww :) Edward actually looks a bit like one of my cousins here :')

luminousparkles 918 days ago

He is not gonna be happy about this;) but omg he is too adorable for words.

roadrunner1904 918 days ago

aww... sleeping beauty! <3 (plz do a twitcam + point the cam directly at him - all night long!^^)

Jedatrice 918 days ago

awww adorable! ♥

Katrinjona 918 days ago

aww you so cute!

belindacostello 918 days ago

Awww the photo is so cute and lovely Jedward. :) xx