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694 days ago


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minewelf 692 days ago

I want it!! But it's way too expensive~~ :(

Nani_Suju 693 days ago

내가 원하는!! (^.^) #Brazil

wahyunirwana_cp 693 days ago

멍미.. ^^

ELF_KISSME_PL 693 days ago

It's #ELFdream now... But why is it so expensive? Ah, I really want it...

JiJiloveSuJu 693 days ago

it's really beautiful <3

dhetadhania 694 days ago

ahhh i want it!! but too expensive TT____TT

eugenie017 694 days ago

cool!! ^^

ryeunhae 694 days ago

So cute

137Cute 694 days ago

How beautiful is it!

OnlyKyuWook 694 days ago

Expensive TT ^ TT I wanna to buy it, but there‘s no money after buying the ticket of K.R.Y 's concert

DayhisMorenn 694 days ago

I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *o*

huicheolnim 694 days ago

i want!!! ;;;;;;

chokyusea13 694 days ago


Risa3424 694 days ago

I needs money :-/

CanadaELFDiana 694 days ago

I am going to buy this! I have never seen a Super Show so i really want to. Please come to Canada :'(

yoojihyuks2 694 days ago

i hhve pre ordered already ^^ Hopes it arrives fast *-*

CeciliaTercero 694 days ago

OOohhh I want it!!!!!!!!!! ^_~

candy021293 694 days ago

please buy it for me=))))))))))

renikuzma 694 days ago