You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Nice location, not shooting here though, don't think so anyway.

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1977 days ago

Nice location, not shooting here though, don't think so anyway.


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edwardsgirl1 1880 days ago

This reminds me of an "Andrew Wyeth" painting.

greensmokeinc 1916 days ago

what lens are you using to get this effect?? the colors are so deep it feels like im falling into the picture when i look at it!

thaisbristot 1920 days ago

wow, great capture and beautiful place!

klatta87 1932 days ago

Beautiful! I love living in Vancouver. Gorgeous picture.

Mandyalz 1932 days ago

WOW...yet again another great picture taken. Photography must be one of your great loves too. I know I enjoy it just the same. Thanks again!!!

cathy_belle 1933 days ago

colrs are great. and i really like this photo too.

aimezmoi 1935 days ago

this looks like a scene out of a nicholas sparks film.

backlightbaby 1939 days ago

I love this landscape image it is beautiful and the composition is all correct too.

nervous_heart 1946 days ago

Looks like a landscape straight out of an Ansel Adams collection. Gorgeous.

jodieclaire8894 1946 days ago

wow where was this???? good picture once again mr. slade :)

jbafaith 1947 days ago

Wow - cool sky in picture! Hi David, I sure hope you are feeling the spirit of the Twilight saga. I do worry about that as do other fans.

neuroticris 1947 days ago

this has been used many times by the Supernatural crew

Lilliantwilight 1955 days ago

haha i know exactly where that is

SaraGirard16 1957 days ago

looks creepy and something out of horror/mystery film

InDevilsService 1967 days ago

i hope you will be doing a great job with eclipse!so good luck, you will need it with all the twi-hards

aimezmoi 1968 days ago

that looks more like a screen saver for a laptop.

rockandroll6 1968 days ago

Love all aspects of this picture, feels very peaceful :)

miifh 1972 days ago

oh yeah, I forgot!! thanks for reminding me... everytime I say pictures like this, reminds me of all of the flick!! I don't know why... :D

JPaulo645 1972 days ago

This a cool location very nice

mary1988 1972 days ago

this pic reminds me of the Amityville house; the bout house i like it there are no scenes near water in eclipse, or that there had to be a lake house; sorry