@RitaOra let's EPIC if we could #PARTY&BULLSHIT with no one under21! None of this 1am crap!XXXXXPLEASE NOTICE ME XXXXCan we totally party & bull shit? ill bring the BIG size BOTTLE OF JACK & Chips lol ~~No Joke! Have partied with big names only the people there know. I love knowing stuff no one will ever know and listen to them talk shit. Lol #enjoylife Dreaming Is Beleaving~~~~I will have pink&purple hair and able to see my tattoo below WhtBlkRedJORDANS" I can't believe I'm sending this PArTy and bull let's all take a shot last day of work till mon. Hey what's up with Dizzy Rascle because of him watching the mobo's I saw you perform and I hoped u would get out on ur own and now with a great CD? You had crazy curly hair thought to myself this chic can not dance! Lol Producing Writing? Nothing new out here? You brits take all the good stuff leave us with shit.  C ya fri homie I think I sound crazy and not drunk sorry I'm super sweet ill bring u good beef jerky! No taco bell promise!