Misha Collins


Actor, baker, candlestick maker

I find the new girl, @amandatapping very difficult to work with.

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796 days ago

I find the new girl, very difficult to work with.


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mus_00 737 days ago

is what I meant

mus_00 737 days ago

Give her a break. She used to work with

JeffreyByron 789 days ago

My wager is on the aforetime blond :)

Lightblood522 792 days ago

Amanda Tapping Supernatural I cant believe its like a dream my to favorite Sci-Fi thing oy cant wait. =)

LOTRfan42 793 days ago

Why so cute, Misha Collins, why so cute. <3 Yay, Amanda Tapping!! Welcome to Supernatural!!

geneanrramos 794 days ago

This is the most glorious thing ever.

Becerikli 795 days ago

Be careful, she knows MacGyver

alexwlee 796 days ago

When Stargate sg1 collides with Castiel. There is a god and he is Castiel.

gabihgathinha 796 days ago


audacious_lass 796 days ago

Who is she? Her name sounds familiar...

indylana 796 days ago

Oh Misha that's Helen Magnus and she will kick your butt from Canada to the UK and back! LUV HER!

JuTennant 796 days ago

omg too much awesome for a single pic sdlkgjskldgjkl <3

YoRocky89 796 days ago

Didn't anyone tell you it's not wise to take on ? ;)