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Abstract 1 - Taken on a location we are shooting.

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2590 days ago

Abstract 1 - Taken on a location we are shooting.


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cathy_belle 2546 days ago

you're shooting there? i will be in this place tomorrow, so wait for me. overall nice pic, really nice. :)

xMidnightangel 2550 days ago

Eclipse is going to be awesome...My fave book from the twilight series =)

KaliSue 2550 days ago

Really cool!

lunastar1979 2551 days ago

Great abstract. My guess is a forest/group of tall trees because it reminds me a lot of a similar abstract my bf took with a cafe filter.

EMipla1995 2558 days ago


jodieclaire8894 2558 days ago

nice i love abstract pics like this

LaTuaCantante18 2561 days ago

okay....well....what is it?

SaraGirard16 2570 days ago


itsgwen2u 2573 days ago

....the middle of a highway?!?!!??!!..... ::running::

ann100000 2574 days ago

love the tease it worked. like all aussies we can't wait for the movie

kyky99 2578 days ago

HEY! That's not fair.. :D

Kay_the_PK 2578 days ago

well, it did say abstract. But gosh, way to get my hopes up!

more2live4 2587 days ago

Love the tease!

Francyys 2587 days ago

... nice loacation *.*

mapicarvajal 2587 days ago

=) looks great

ice_tea_muse 2588 days ago

not fair !!

Cledimar 2589 days ago


Adventitiousnez 2589 days ago

what a teaser.hmmmmm naughty :)

aLLybeLLe02 2590 days ago

hmmmm yup, know where that is...gonna go check it out now...
but seriously, soooooo excited!!!

jo_cs 2590 days ago

I think it’s… humm... it’s probably some golden vampire’s eyes!!! :P