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Guitarist for Fall Out Boy and guy that does other things.

All the kitties on the top of the world. Taipei 101 observatory.

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2530 days ago

All the kitties on the top of the world. Taipei 101 observatory.


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StayTragic 1952 days ago

oh my God thats cute i like patricks shoes and andys shirt and joes pet in the middle there your shirt rox

MasiTronXIII 2387 days ago


sonnybunny31 2390 days ago

yay patrick!! i love you!!

InfinityOnAlex 2500 days ago

Patrick!!! Aw he blinked! Andy looks hilarious! Is it me, or did Pete get taller o.O XD. and Joe, you look awesome as always!!

almostmarianne 2500 days ago

goog patrick =P

squigglydot 2521 days ago

patrick looks a little annoyed hahahaha.

monribot 2523 days ago

hahahahah patrick's boobs xD

TvbsDora 2523 days ago

so cute =)

TheGabiJuly 2524 days ago

there is something wrong, but i can't quite put my finger on it:O ohh patrick got taller! right?:O haha

katelyn_sal 2524 days ago

I love Patrick's shoes! xD

MeganMontrosity 2524 days ago

haha poor patrick he shuy his eyes and held onto the bars liek it was gonna fall XD luv you patrick

HannyLu 2525 days ago

I would be there, next to patrick preferably ^_^.

nikkiabsssss 2525 days ago

Patricks just like "Whats going on??? Oh...someones just taking our picture...". :))))))))

sara_teehee 2525 days ago

joe cut his hair, patrick's still adorable, this huge guy has cool tattoos and andy's still rad. love ya all.

JuFromMars 2525 days ago

I love it

kissmyazkaban 2525 days ago


Em_Rocker 2525 days ago

Woah pete changed a lot

Do_The_Astro 2525 days ago

joe, i think i own that shirt you're wearing. it looks better on you :D

_NinaHEARTBEAT 2525 days ago

hah, Joe, you look so cute xD

pshimmallama 2526 days ago