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This fried bumble bee now lives inside my stomach, with it's entire hive. Tasted like corn nuts.

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2198 days ago

This fried bumble bee now lives inside my stomach, with it's entire hive. Tasted like corn nuts.


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StayTragic 1620 days ago

your really cute joe zand i like your shirt

marisa4l 2185 days ago

Did your mouth cry vomit after?

TheGabiJuly 2192 days ago

ew, u would eat a bee?

HarleyBarakat 2194 days ago

I'm allergic to bees how can you eat them?

EmeraldCityPATD 2196 days ago

Blech! Your brave to even TASTE that stuff! I hope you guys are having fun!!!

obiwanchester 2196 days ago

You're kidding right? Omg. That's just... gross.

FOBisinmyheart_ 2197 days ago

wow...ur stomach`s not very lucky..haha

djsarXD 2197 days ago

oh Joe....that's.... delicious?.....

MissesSandman 2198 days ago

it looks not really yummy. actually the oppsite.

notlikeyouguys 2198 days ago

I can't imagine this thing inside my mouth!

ihavecake 2198 days ago

The sponsored ad beside this photo is for pest control. Genius.

crutonwilleatu 2198 days ago

Gross, I bet Andy gave you a gross look, aye?

RYZLLXD 2198 days ago


DominaeFimus 2198 days ago

Can't help wondering how those are gonna come out.

brake_lights 2198 days ago

Uh.... Did you really ate that?

lemongeneration 2198 days ago

Amen! Send some Honey here! Do you have a picture of you eating dumplings?! Do ya? Do ya? xD

rosalesana 2198 days ago

i think my stomach and my appetite couldn`t eat a bumble bee :-ss i salute you for eating a bumble bee @-)

Bexinaboxx 2198 days ago

Okay no matter how much that freaked me out the question that came to my mind is.. Since that is an insect technicaly not an animal or sea critter would I being a vegetarian be able to eat that?? I don't want to but is it against vegetarianism? =P

Vint4geMisery 2198 days ago


Anetessa 2198 days ago

oh))))It's tasty))