Amateur flash artist.The one and only true ShadowFire God ;] Here's my twitpic http://t.co/R7BCw8eN0N . Enjoy:D

Gravedigger finished :D

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1467 days ago

Gravedigger finished :D


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Art_DS_Raja 1464 days ago

i like that a LOT just make the cloth sharper and torn too lol!

Necro_Zayrus 1466 days ago

Wow man... Really good work , now i am a lover of your work :3

JSketches 1466 days ago

I like the design, but I just don't like the cloth it doesn't go too well

TyroniusAQW 1466 days ago

.... u mean :) It's still just a concept so I may do some changes :]

TyroniusAQW 1466 days ago

Thx :) There was a free space so I decided 2 put some candles :D
That's what I tried 2 do :D btw thank u :)
hmmmm not 2 much :D Probably the hood makes him look similar to yorick :P
Thx :D and I see what yo

SimplySlusher 1466 days ago

Pretty neat concept. The candles are a nice touch.

Paul_Apollo 1467 days ago

Nice job! I love your choice of colors! Reminds me of zombies.

Dom_Arcleu 1467 days ago

It looks way too much like Yorick from League of Legends haha. Inspiration? :-)

Schillehh 1467 days ago

it does look a bit like drool

XnaraArts 1467 days ago

pretty nice design. You should just make the cloth more "spiked" and "ripped" right now it looks like slime or something to me :p overall great.

Schillehh 1467 days ago

jk, its original, just the hood and name reminds me. lolz ^^

Schillehh 1467 days ago


Vokun_AE 1467 days ago

Stunning design, my suggestion? Work on the Cloth design. And make sure the grave on his shoulder is 3D. It looks a bit Flat now.

TyroniusAQW 1467 days ago

And zombies love u..... I mean ur brain! xD btw thx!

Tenchitorarts 1467 days ago

I love zombies :3,Awesome!!

TyroniusAQW 1467 days ago

I'm glad u like it! thx ;)

LevitasAE 1467 days ago

Awesome! I like it alot! Good job!

TyroniusAQW 1467 days ago

Thx bro :)

LuisHenriqueLH 1467 days ago

i like it!!