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1511 days ago


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_yoony 1488 days ago

음식 오른쪽으로 여러분과 gyu 을 놓친 적 없어?

JiejaKikiki 1496 days ago

Ryeowook, you supposed to eat, not kissing the knife ==" and Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun looks hungry much? XD

CithaJae 1497 days ago

ups laper yah.. hehehe

CathArchie 1503 days ago

lol look at Kyuhyun's face xd

giszelltyaM 1505 days ago

kyu looked so happy hyahahaha <3

ThinSeoKyu_ELF 1506 days ago

oppa Love U, love U so much

Bethy_kyu713 1507 days ago

Oppa kau tak mengajak ku ikut makan mersama,,,hmmmm

NMaunggeulis16 1509 days ago

So cute.

Saranghae oppa ryeowook

riynonlyy 1510 days ago

我爱你..我爱你..我爱你.. >< wookie

riynonlyy 1510 days ago

Ryeowook oppa so cute in the photo ^.^ 사랑해요 !!!!!!!

BH_kun 1510 days ago

Nice Photo \o :)

riynonlyy 1510 days ago

i have watched Immortal Song 나는 너를 its awesome! u didnt win~its ok, ure the best!! ryeowook is the best

riynonlyy 1510 days ago

사랑해 려욱 오빠~~ 캬캬 ^0^ 려욱 아, 힘내! ^0^

frdazl 1510 days ago

hahahahahahahahahaha oppa you are so cute

AlettzaYue 1510 days ago

RYEOWOOK I LOVE YOU. BUT THAT BAD...... food they do not invite T-----T

Nani_Suju 1511 days ago

당신은 아름답 .... oppa의 얼굴 Kyuhyun과 Eunhyuk, 하하하 ... (^ - ^) #Brazil

____Love91 1511 days ago

oppas^^ ♥ having fun huh?? keke am so happy you enjoyed yourselfs in Greece

punch56 1511 days ago

~ ~ ~ 먹고 반가워요.

itsmemausmile 1511 days ago


sweetyHyuk_3104 1511 days ago

kyaaaa~~~ posted selca with baby Hyuk and kyuhyun >O< you all guys so adorable even more without make-up on ^w^
why there were only you pointed at the camera, while two child just like starved around you ?? kkkk ^V^