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Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
Li Jen Ho
Feng Ku
Wei Lieh Lan
Hua Yueh
Ka Ting Lee
Lung Lei
Ming Kao
Sau Kei Lee
Pei-pei Cheng

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  Hong Kong Cinemagic - The Shadow Whip  Other titles : 影子神鞭 (HK Title) Ying Zi Shen Bian (HK Title) L' Ombre du fouet (French Title) Country : Hong Kong: Film Company : Shaw Brothers  Shaw Bros.: The Shadow Whip (Special Edition) : DVD Talk Review of.   Legendary Heroes (Legendary Weapons of China / The Shadow Whip.   The Shadow Whip (1971) - Movie Reviews & Ratings - VideoHound's.   Reviews » DVD Video Reviews » Shaw Bros.: The Shadow Whip (Special Edition) Shaw Bros.: The Shadow Whip (Special Edition) Image // Unrated // April 3, 2007  影子神鞭 - The Shadow Whip (1971) - YouTube  English / Turkish subtitles in CC - Ying zi shen bian Director; Lo Wei Cast; Cheng Pei-Pei, Yueh Hua, Tien Feng, Ku Feng, Lee Kwan ~~~~~ PLOT ~~~~~ Fang is.  The Shadow Whip: A female super-swordfighter known for her fatal whip-wielding skills.   In a world beyond your imagination, the greatest heroes who ever lived face off against the deadliest foes imaginable! Now four of the greatest, most action-packed.   Hong Kong Digital #200: Cleaning the Classics  Shortly after I reviewed THE SHADOW WHIP in issue #195, I received the following letter from a gentleman named Michael Lam:. What's Hot. Read critically. Actors: Pei-pei Cheng: Yun Kai-yun · Hua Yueh: Wang Jian-xin · Li Jen Ho · Sammo Hung Kam-Bo · Ming Kao · Feng Ku · Wei Lieh Lan · Ka Ting.   The Shadow Whip (1971) -  The story is a bit of a stretch for such a short film (78 mins) that also wants to pack a dollop of action.  The Elysian Whip (in Shadow Dragon's online shop) can only be purchased on days that end. Basically, a bunch of people are hunting the Shadow Whip.   Video Games .   The Shadow Whip (1971) - IMDb  Director: Wei Lo. U; Halo 4; Anarchy Reigns.   Legendary Heroes: Shaw Brothers Box Set DVD Movie  Legendary Heroes: Shaw Brothers Box Set movie was released Jun 02, 2009 by the