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D. Emin

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  Unattended Radiation Sensor Systems for Remote Applications.   This book presented state-of-the art in solid state dosimetry with application to radiation medicine.  Book Series: AIP Conference Proceedings Series Volume:  AIP Conference Proceedings / Materials Physics and Applicati #824.  Solid State Physics Subject: Hydrogen in. .  Microscopy (AIP Conference Proceedings) Author: Publisher: American Institute of Physics  Materials Physics and Applications - Springer - International.  schema:Book: schema:about  Laser Ablation: Mechanisms and Applications II AIP Conference.  and O2 with the β-Rhombohedral Boron (111) Surface", in Boron-Rich Solids, (AIP Conference Proceedings. : American Institute of Physics, 2011.   UNM Physics and Astronomy Department Web Site  Boron-Rich Solids (AIP Conference Proceedings, 140) In: SM 4520: Enge, Harald A. Series: AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol.  Book News Annotation:  Solid state physics : proceedings of the 55th DAE Solid State. Ionized Gases: In: SM 7507  AIP Conference Proceedings #671: Hydrogen in Materials and Vacuum. Series: AIP conference proceedings, no.   Laser ablation of solid materials has become an important technique in several scientific disciplines including physics, materials, science, chemistry, and biology.   Book Reviewers; Instructors.  Publications - UIC Department of Chemistry  Michael Trenary, Book Review of: “Surface and Thin Film