Understanding DCOM book downloads

Understanding DCOM book download

Marshall Brain, William Rubin

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The book.   They are currently working on a book entitled Inside Distributed COM, to be published by.  C++ code yourself in order to create effective distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) components.  On Distributed COM Configuration Properties, click the.   Understanding DCOM: William Rubin,Marshall Brain: 9780130959669.  Learning DCOM: Thuan L.  4.2.1 Understanding DCOM Server Set Up. You should already have a good understanding.   Understanding Psychology, Glencoe, 2001-03 - Glencoe/McGraw-Hill  What's the chapter about? Student Web Activities Use the Web to.  books & records to look for questionable transactions, and interview key personnel.. Don't buy this book to learn COM.   Microsoft's DCOM is a difficult but important standard.  Free Online books And Tutorials on VC++ , Visual C++ , MFC , ATL , COM  PrenticeHall - Understanding DCOM: (Book is in RAR format ) Free The goal of this book is to make COM and DCOM comprehendible to a normal person.  For any IS manager or programmer working on Windows, Understanding COM+ delivers a.   E-Books Downloads  Very good book for DCOM beginners.  For online book edition click here