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The Most Interesting Man In The World, Javier Aguirresarobe, DP of TSE separated at birth the Dos Equis MIMITW.

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2561 days ago

The Most Interesting Man In The World, Javier Aguirresarobe, DP of TSE separated at birth the Dos Equis MIMITW.


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Amber_Malpas 2396 days ago

Oh i got. Ha. I'm embarssd now =D

Amber_Malpas 2396 days ago

TSA is Twilight Saga's Eclipse, but all I can think of for DP is Deputy Principal. I doubt he's the Deputy Principal of Twilight Saga's Eclipse.
I'd really appriciate BBlane sharing with me what MIMITW means.

jfundora96 2497 days ago

u have a great eye for pictures and u must have an AWESOME camerea, sorry im fascinated by even the littlest of things

AvaBlane 2515 days ago

Ok. I got MIMITW... I'm a little slow on the up-take sometimes. But DP of TSE....?

AvaBlane 2515 days ago

What is DP of TSE & MIMITW? I hate acronyms.... :-/

Mandyalz 2515 days ago

Now that looks like a man on a mission and one that enjoys his job too...very cool. That's what it's all about. Keep up the good work.

cathy_belle 2516 days ago

nice picture, nice smile. :)

_paauu_ 2553 days ago

can't wait!!! eclipse was my fav. book appart from twilight so im so excited to see the movie

Alexandratl 2555 days ago

Brilliant......Javier will really being a fantastic element to Eclipse, cant wait!

mapicarvajal 2558 days ago

eclipse is my fav. book. can't wait to see it!

tkenn2009 2560 days ago

have fun with the movie i know you'll do a awesome job cant wait to see it..

TeamBella76 2560 days ago

Good luck and I look forward to Eclipse. I do think you'll do a great job no worries here on my side. This guy does look rather interesting!

caramel_eyez 2560 days ago

Good luck with the movie I'm looking forward to it and curious to see Bree after so many girls auditioned

TVampireClub 2560 days ago

Greetings from Argentina...we wish you the best for Eclipse. Mucha Suerte!!!

RosalieHale1000 2560 days ago

Good luck on "Eclipse"!!! I know it will turn out great!

fortuitamente 2561 days ago

don't fuck with eclipse

KatieJar 2561 days ago

there is a big resemblance, wow.

tainaCordeiro 2561 days ago

DAvid! i am from Brazil! and I think you are a great director! I am your fan

Museanizer 2561 days ago


LilMizJez 2561 days ago

Aww, bless him he looks so happy xD!