No.70 : Lunatic eclipse
Legend foretold, once there was a beautiful princess of the mystical kingdom. She was so beautiful that she was envied by so many people,which caused her to get betrayed by her beloved servant and was banished away from the kingdom by a dangerous crime that she didn't even know about. Filled with sorrow and hatred, the banished princess bended her very own pain of emotion into a weapon. According to the legend, the kingdom was later destroyed by this weapon of sorrow, which is of course wield by the broken princess....
No.71 : Screaming butterfly wings
Casted out from deep within depths of the demon realm, this pair of wings belongs to a butterfly demon....
No.72 : Closed magical spikes of darkness
Brought to you by the cult followers!
No.73 : Elongated magical spikes of darkness
Improved for you by the cut followers!!
No.74 : Helm of terror
Created by a cult follower in the AQW realm, "Somehow it looks familiar..." he said.
No.75 : Greater helm of terror
"Now it looks more different :)" said the same follower.
No.76 : Brutal boar battle helm
Ready to crush your enemies?
No.77 : Creeping teeth fiend head morph
No.78 : Creeping horn fiend head morph
No.79 : Gazing evil eye head morph
No.80 : Optical jester mask
/o****<O> . <O>****o\
No.81 : Necrotic staff of darkness
Oh yes, such a classic name, with a classic but pretty strong power.....
No.82 : Scythe of the avian eyes
At first the cult followers planned to craft some scary scythes, but the result was rather hilarious.