Dragon Soul


I live to try and be someone I can love and be proud of, to be perfect in my own eyes. Here is the art side of me: http://t.co/bN4PLQbFOl http://t.co/mURpuxbS

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so what r we waiting for? OVERSOUL draconite assassin? OF COURSE! Here u go @nulgath @miltoniusarts @revontheus_AE

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561 days ago

so what r we waiting for? OVERSOUL draconite assassin? OF COURSE! Here u go — with <a href="/photos/miltoniusarts">@miltoniusarts</a> (miltoniusarts), <a href="/photos/nulgath">@nulgath</a> (nulgath), <a href="/photos/revontheus_AE">@revontheus_AE</a> (revthatnonthaibus!)


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FourBeardStrong 452 days ago

I could DEFINITELY see this in the OS roster.. this is awesome, dude!

G73DZ 453 days ago

Is looking more aqw style :/

SkylineSV 476 days ago

Fiery looking guy!

Art_DS_Raja 476 days ago

#oversoulcontest Fire and Wind ''I bring the power of the dragon kin and RajaB4 to incinerate you!"

Art_DS_Raja 529 days ago

gotta catch them all! How is this btw? Is this catchable?

PowerdragonAE 532 days ago


mieteor 548 days ago

Really like this armour man, the design is brilliant. You always managed to get a grasp of the dragon themes really well. Love it

FallFire 554 days ago

Looks fantastic.
love the ruin at his feet and the tattered cloth cape just make him look bad ass

EverettDumont 556 days ago

this awesome xD

SteveTheChaotic 557 days ago

XD sorry i meant to spell your name lol!

SteveTheChaotic 557 days ago

Nice program you use? :3

hadded1aqw 559 days ago

very nice

ZeMageAE 559 days ago

This is....wow, epic, off the epic scale.

MridulSharma246 561 days ago

so true aqw_eeedy this is epic

aqw_eeedy 561 days ago