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Getting lines in my hair!! Two parts on the side

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2698 days ago

Getting lines in my hair!! Two parts on the side


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jwashington37 2697 days ago

WTF!! Not only is there a WIG in the background, the wig has a GHERI kind of shop is that, that has customers that still wears GHeri curls...Gimme the NAME & NUMBER of that shop PLZ

fiestyliz32 2697 days ago

Why is there a wig in the back???

creepu 2697 days ago

You going for a mohawk?

peterbreter 2697 days ago

the best part about the mannequin head in the background is the goatee they have on it ...

ericktul 2697 days ago

Just let your soul glo...just let it shine through...

sladeyoung 2698 days ago

Nizeeeeee..KD turns his swagggggggggg onnnnnnnnn..Everyone FOLLOW ME. I am your #1 source for your traveling desires! Very Entertaining also!

kg325 2698 days ago

yoo thats a prety cool rick james wig in the bac round lmao

eddytheking 2698 days ago

yeah man,hair cut style

NayNooski 2698 days ago

Try on that wig back there Lol

PROTOTYPEPHAY 2698 days ago

yeah, pick up that soul glo look back there lol!

suiluJybsoC 2698 days ago

Gettin dat ol school Micheal

Sabian404 2698 days ago

I think you should go with that wig in the corner

iamnickhebert 2698 days ago

i wonder if anyone ever goes for the Eriq LaSalle (Coming to America - Soul Glo) look on that mannequin in the background.

MattLorenzo 2698 days ago

You needed a haircut?

cavsjunkie23 2698 days ago

haha nice man. you look kind of scared, like they are gonna mess up haahahah

kidyungn 2698 days ago

now you need to get your player model in nba 2k redone so you actually have a shapeup lol