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Mike Darrell
Anjelica Huston
Fay DeWitt
Robyn Finn
Billy Barty
Kenny Ellis
Jim Engelhardt
Joseph Campanella

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  Who knew Luke Skywalker was such a geek? As the director-coproducer-star of Comic Book: The Movie , Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill embraces his inner nerd and pays. But don't you hate it when your favorite comic is turned into a bad movie? It's.   Family the comic book movie | Facebook  Family the comic book movie. Actors: Mark Hamill: Donald Swan · Donna D'Errico: Liberty Lass / Papaya Smith · Billy West: Leo Matuzik · Joseph Burns: Jack Whitney.   COMICS: Who Is Daniel West, "The Newest Member Of The West Family"?.  2003's Daredevil, and confirms that he would be interested in helming a comic book movie. 125 likes · 0 talking about this.  Video; Games; Blog; Terms of Use; Privacy Policy; Contact Us  Amazon.com: Comic Book: The Movie: Mark Hamill, Donna D'Errico.   The Comic Book Kids (1982) - IMDb  Director: Gene Weed. 1.   DC Nation Comics: Get DC Nation comic book information and.  We're in the middle of a deluge of comic book movies right now.   Comic Book Movies | Scary For Kids  Comic book movies have become very popular in recent years.  Comic Book Movies: Superhero Movies, The Avengers, Batman. 'Thor' is the no.  LOONEY TUNES #209; SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES #6; See More.   The Worst Comic Book Movie Adaptations | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! Movies  Family.   The Top 25 Comic Book Movies - The Moviefone Blog  Family Film Guide; Summer Movies; HuffPost Celebrity; Top Box Office; In Theaters».