No.40 : Helm of Lubus
Crafted in honor to Lubus, the famous demigod among furious warmongers, this helm will make your foes drown in their fears!

No.41 : Knight of light and night helm
By wearing this helm, it shows everyone that you're qualified to be one of the Knight of light and night clan members!

No.42 : Horn demon's skull
After countless victories of the alliance during the great demon extinction war, the alliance's necromancers decided not to waste those precious demon skulls. This one was also picked up at that time....

No.43 Ivoraric old king's crown
Considered to be the very first "Ivoraric" item, this crown shines the success of the cult's unique power....and the start of the Ivorark infection!

No.44 : Demolich face
As a powerful demon and lich, the demoliches must lead their army to their victory....and they often success.

No.45 : Demonic warlord helm
If the demoliches work with their brain, then these demonic warlords will work with their incredible strength!

No.46 : Lackheart's mask
Lackheart clan is a group of heartless assassins of that fellow cult....So after all, the cult is really planning to declare a war....

No.47 : Zombie elevenface
Once a rotten head of an eleven faces giant's corpse, now this giant will walk again....

No.48 : Undead thirteenface
....and if a zombie eleven faces giant is not enough, try an undead thirteen faces giant....

No.49 : One-eyed elevenface
...or maybe you prefer that elevenface, but its eyes are too much?

No.50 : Skeleton healing sorcerer's head
Oh yeah, even an undead army has a healer.

No.51 : Crossed-faced faceless demon head
That cross does not represent the well known fact it is a seal from the ancient times....poor little demon....

No.52 : Necrotic horned crown
Need a crown? 

No.53 : Wings of the demolich
Perhaps the skies make you feel more comfortable...

No.54 : Reattached shattered wings
Once a beautiful crystal wing, then got shattered , now get reattached and becomes even more sparkling.

No.55 : 20 holy wings
In case that a pair of holy angelic wings aren't enough for you, worry not, the cult always has better choice!

No.56 : Venovine evil wings
Actually, this pair of wings doesn't allowyou to fly, it allows you to float....with vines...

No.57 : Fallen corpse wings
Such a fine piece of work! a follower of the cult combine four corpses, a pair of wings and some horns into these terrific wings!
No.58 : Demonic warlord wings
"Why would a ground based warlord need a pair of wings?"
Imagine your wings acted as a shield.