Dwight Howard


After the ring!

At the camp with the kids. Heeyyyy worrrlllddd

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2535 days ago

At the camp with the kids. Heeyyyy worrrlllddd


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Cavalette23 2478 days ago

Keep it up! Great Job!

Cavalette23 2478 days ago

Keep it up! Always give back to the communities! Great job!

eXcrete 2506 days ago

Haha Im in a basketball program! One of the best 8th grade players in southern Cali!

msbanging 2520 days ago

Its good to know that you are into teaching kids at your camp, you could of been anywhere in the world, but instead you are taking time out with your camp. you are such a motivator.

chsgolfr 2533 days ago

you great dhoward... awesome roll model! follow me eh?

htownluscious 2534 days ago

That's what's up, teaching the kids the game..such a good man

thatgirlkim1 2535 days ago

Sure they are having a great time with you!

thatgirlkim1 2535 days ago

another pic wit food in it? lol=)erytime i look at your pics I wanna snack! Im gonna weigh 200 lbs if I keep looking at your twitpics D-WIGHT!

thugmissys 2535 days ago

Aww!! Dwight do u kno how much I wish I coulda been there...Luv u lots...Dwight reply to me please...lol

ashontakash 2535 days ago

I broke 3 nails camping this past weekend, but it was worth it. I had so much fun :-)

kenken88 2535 days ago

Is that at your Alma Mater?

mdcookie 2535 days ago

they are adorable!

Ms_Jaydee 2535 days ago

Jus watched that Adidas comm 'create your brotherhood' so I kno those kids are havin fun! Keep doin wht u do mista, spread knowledge n love.

aprilannette 2535 days ago

aww my lil bro wanted to go but hes goin to MJ23 camp lol he didnt have a chose it was my moms chose lol

selenawelch67 2535 days ago

how precious...

daphillips1 2535 days ago

I luv who u r & the things u do 4 others ( even the small things). U r an excellent role model (even 4 adults)

dzynkxs 2535 days ago

"that food is too healthy for them" what is that supposed to mean?

dzynkxs 2535 days ago

okay, what do it matter as long as the youth are being helped...these are kids.It's not about race.

dzynkxs 2535 days ago

probably run away ne way, when they saw all those beautiful black faces. Give DH his props 4 even taking time out 4 the kids.Let it go people.

patrickstotle 2535 days ago

"Do black folks ask where the black kids at in all these white tv shows, etc?" Yes...they do.