Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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2504 days ago


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thegrandmother 2500 days ago

I am going to miss the show tonight.... I have to go to my granddaughter play...I hope it plays again..

lordbryanb 2500 days ago

it was grea one of the best

lmaaml 2502 days ago

The show was riveting as usual! I wish there weren't so many commercials but we all have to pay the bills. You guys seem to be honest and real in what you do. Thankyou and I look forward to seeing more awesome haunted travels! Lots of luv! SMILE

catch84 2503 days ago

Love your show!!!!!!!! watch every week we have it dvr'd so I look foward to the new episode and love Moon River espisode might want to take look in person

ravenghunter 2503 days ago

Wicked awesome show...loved this episode!!!!!!

psychicspi 2503 days ago

Like I was saying: (lol)I think you guys get so much activity because you project so much energy.

psychicspi 2503 days ago

Awesome episode! The responses when Zak put up the ladder were so exciting! Where did you guys get that "Ovilus" style "EMF conversion (whatever you call it) box? I've been looking for one of those! I love the show! Dedicated fan! A theory: I think you gu

KarenLoraine 2503 days ago

the show was great, Zak you need to pay more attention to what is going on with Nick and Aaron.

stingray81 2503 days ago

The show was great. Kepp up the good work.

adrianraider 2503 days ago

nice show.had to watch it again.cant wait for next week.guys b careful

Egyptian_Monkey 2503 days ago

Very active place. Great episode, it's insane how interactive the spirits were.

NickPugs94 2504 days ago

amazing episode...cant wait for live episode in october!!!

skbird1210 2504 days ago

It's too freaky for me to stop & have a sandwich and drink. Afraid the ghosts/spirits will get me. Don't send Nick back to the basement!!

ajohn243 2504 days ago

I think that Zak and Nick should sit out one whole episode while Aaron goes it by himself, I'm pretty sure he would come back with soiled pants and tears streaming down his face lol. Just kidding Aaron you're awesome!

bldlvr 2504 days ago

Man! To me that was one of the best that ya'll ever did! I hope you do more in Savannah :)

howdee58 2504 days ago

Really was excited that you came to Savannah I know how haunted this place is and now so do ya'll! Hopefully ya'll will come back soon so many more places here!All these old buildings have a history and a story! The Priate house and the Pink house are 2 o

kataomoi 2504 days ago

I hope Nick got to playing with kittens when he left. Nothing mends your heart better than kitten snuggling.

speedchik 2504 days ago

We thought it was Great.. My son(future hunter) says it was the best show ever...He wants to join you on a hunt one

kristi_neff 2504 days ago

Most definitely my favorite of them all.

JessicaTompson 2504 days ago

I thought it was good. Think you'll go back?