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Witch done ^_^ Classic shading <3

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1313 days ago

Witch done ^_^ Classic shading <3


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ChibiAQW 932 days ago

I hope it's coming out for this year's Mogloween. We need more witch armors. :(

KiraNightingale 1280 days ago

Sean is this still comeing out :(?

AssasainationAE 1287 days ago

i thought this was comming out for mogloween

Kaos_AE 1303 days ago

Is this coming out?

ZeMageAE 1312 days ago


AngelitaAE 1313 days ago

I love it! But I would prefer if you combine elegant with everyday life styles. ^.^

AE_Erimus 1313 days ago

it wont turn us guys into girls like the other witch armor will it?

Artist_4_Hire 1313 days ago

Yay! you made a new Witch. The old one is cool for the crowd who loves Smexy Witches, but I love the classic Witches myself.

ZalandriaAE 1313 days ago

Yay a new Witch Design. <3 I've wanted a new, separate one. :3

JeffTechnoWizAQ 1313 days ago

Let me guess the hat isn't done? Will it have a killer evil face?

KevoNguyen 1313 days ago

Why is the hat black? .__.

CaptainCio 1313 days ago

This Witch put a Spell on me ! I want eeeeet :D Great Work *claps*

PkerSlayer 1313 days ago

..... Seriously?.... The Witch for 2012 isn't the old one? -.-"""""""""""

1023404 1313 days ago

You've done a great job with her! Love it!<3