Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

Street signs in Vulcan, Canada.  LLAP

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885 days ago

Street signs in Vulcan, Canada. LLAP


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SpockPeter 313 days ago

This is a good sign nice weekend :-)

SpockPeter 320 days ago

Spock is here I like

earthskymoonsta 645 days ago

love it!

LibertyRanger 752 days ago

and the Vulcan Agenda

djarellmessa 885 days ago


platinumshore 885 days ago

A traffic sign saying 'live long and prosper' while crossing a road could be tempting fate :-)

NRadjan 885 days ago

Cool )))

Bronco1406 885 days ago

Amazing isn't.....

serg_br 885 days ago


ShuttleAlmanac 885 days ago

I met Leonard Nimoy while he was making Three Men & a Baby, autograph too spaceshuttlealmanac.com

geosaf 885 days ago

Wow ! Super !

javiselerrante 885 days ago


12th_of_never 885 days ago

Love it!

aftertheXhale 885 days ago

Ah yes, Vulcan, AB in the middle of prairie grass, sour gas wells, & Cdn Rednecks. If u only knew

amypeck2011 885 days ago

That is so cool!!

justL1209 885 days ago

Oh!!! WOW...soooooo coool!!!

Rebeckajg 885 days ago

What fun to find these!