No.31 : Eye of the forbidden souls
The cult mistress combined the forbidden souls of the realm of fiends and merged them into this outstanding sword. Try glaring at its eye if you dare...
No.32 : Little roar of a lesser evil
A follower tried to forged a blade similar to that legendary Necrotic blade of Doom of the AQW pity....
No.33 : Ivorark's former grand staff
A former staff of the mistress. It was named after the cult's name, "Ivorark". Every staff the mistress uses are considered as the cult's grand staff....
No.34 : Devilish dark claws
Claws created by the cult followers, just for using as their weapons....are preparing for a war or something?
No.35 : Celestial wind eagle's beak scythe
A scythe merged from the celestial wind eagle's beak and pure magic. How did the creator manage to find the beak anyways?
No.36 : Myrlthaun stiletto
A common stiletto from Myrlthaun, which is considered rare and valuable in other places.
No.37 : Ivorark devil wing scythe
A scythe forged to be the weapon for an elite follower. It's very powerful indeed.
No.38 : Ivorark mystic arcane blade
A blade forged to be the weapon for a high rank follower. Somehow you've manage to find it...
No.39 : Ivorark slammer
A heavy weapon used by those brutal warmongers to stomp their foes into the ground.