No.19 : Demonic wolf's claws scythe
A magical scythe forged by the cult followers just to be one of their weapons.
No.20 : Crescent cutter
Brought from Myrlthaun, this scythe was surprisingly powerful. It was said to be used as a key to open the portal to that unknown kingdom, but this ability was removed due to something....
No.21 : Minor Merbow
A bow forged by a follower that is a mermaid. She forged it in her hometown style.
No.22 : Minor Meraxe
An axe forged by the same mermaid follower. She does have some talent...
No.23 : Legendary Venovine Mouth
OMG! How did a mere follower manage to pull out one of the well-hidden secrets of Venovine!? The Venovine Mouth is said to be a spell cast by the Venovine creator herself. Its purpose is unknown, but it does split out tons of damages!
No.24 : Experimental chaotic scales blade
Hmmmm....those cult followers are surely curious. They even bring samples of "chaos" from that AQW realm.....
No.25 : Plus the surplus
Mathematics are a lot and strong.
No.26 : Destroying Minus
Mathematics are indestructible and are fatal to math haters.
No.27 : Duplicating Times
Mathematics are still growing rapidly.
No.28 : Divining Divide
Mathematics are sometimes helpful, and sometimes troublesome.
No.29 : Evil horns staff
The cult followers are expanding their skills towards darkness....
No.30 : Legendary ribbons of  Abyssa
Created from a tiny piece of one of the very first devils and also one of the most powerful devils of all time's ribbon, This staff is said to held a super tiny glimpse of Abyssa's power.....