No.1 : Arcane claw staff
Forged deep beneath the depths of a forbidden lake, this treasure was later discovered by a follower of a so-called "false cult", and was replicated by the cult's followers.
No.2 : Mystic nine-tailed scorpion staff
An easiest good-quality weapon to be forged for the cult's forging apprentice. Pretty powerful for the beginners, right?
No.3 : Myrlthaunic minor evil eye staff
A staff used by a tribe of little devils of Myrlthaun, the unknown kingdom. This staff was brought here by some dimension walkers.
No.4 : Furious wind axe
During the lesson, the cult followers are ordered to bend the very wind element itself into something. The result was this axe.
No.5 : Venovine staff
This staff was created from a Venovine, one of the most powerful plant ever known. Venovine is a magical plant, originally created from pure magic. So, although this staff is just an experiment from the cult followers(again?), it is still pretty powerful.
No.6 Rayatagus' replica pillar
A staff created in honor to Rayatagus, one of the most famous demigod and so close to be the avatar of the sun god. Rumors spread out that this staff was created by the cult leader herself.....and of course that's not true.