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Were such huge Keith fans. Thanks for a great night Los Angeles!!!

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2398 days ago

Were such huge Keith fans. Thanks for a great night Los Angeles!!!


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Amy_Lynn_08 2336 days ago

AWWWW!! Adorable!!!! Im a huge Keith fan too!! ANd of course a huge Lady A fan!!!!

Jblover45 2376 days ago

You Two Look Great

DoggieMommy2 2377 days ago

Thank you for a great night as well. I am a huge Keith fan but also a lady antebellum fan!!!

PeepSRoXdaWorlD 2395 days ago

Hilary looks so beautiful in this pic... well she is beautiful!!!!

JanMatherKizDig 2397 days ago

I am sooo jealous~! You guys rock and so does Keith. Saw him 6/5/09 w/ Taylor Swift. Waitingto see LadyA soon~!

christophetus 2397 days ago

Aw Dave & Hillary u look great! That's such an awesome pic!

Baner710 2397 days ago

this is a nice pic of you guys!!!!!Its great for you to fill in for sugarland!

kann0828 2397 days ago

Hillary you are so gorgeous! Love you guys soo much! Come to Texas soon!(:

WyReba96 2397 days ago

That is awesome that you guys were so close to be able to fill in for the show in LA. He puts on an awesome show. Its great to see that you guys were able to enjoy the show like us fans. I think Charles is in soaking it all up while you guys were taking

jeditrxtr 2398 days ago

You guys ROCKED San Francisco! We could've left after you got off, we were satisfied. Keith is the better performer so make your mark on this opportunity. Go Lady A! And I didn't know Charles was so tall and skinny! Get that boy a cheeseburger!

jstepp1964 2398 days ago

You are amazingly beautiful Hillary.

ShellieCMCPromo 2398 days ago

Keith does know how to put on a show huh? So glad you had a terrific time.

bamarn65 2398 days ago

I am such a huge Lady A fan!! Coming to see you in Orange Beach on August 6th!! I am so excited!!!

Chuckwicks99 2398 days ago

you guys are sooo lucky! i saw him the night before i saw you guys though! love both of you

ASHleyAmezcua 2398 days ago


sportyace 2398 days ago

wow love the pic! i love keith urban to!!!

ugakc 2398 days ago

Great pic! Thanks for sharing!!

Alissa_Grace 2398 days ago

ps what did keith say!!! lol

Alissa_Grace 2398 days ago

omg i love this!! congrats guys!!!! i saw keith here in denver a few days ago!! it was amazing!! come to colorado asap!!!

piaffe417 2398 days ago

Charles is obviously the biggest Keith fan, as he hasn't even turned around for the camera. =)