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2503 days ago


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CIPRESGIRL 2497 days ago

she has a huge canyon like tori gross

matthewlarose 2497 days ago

i don't get it...sometimes she looks good and her boobs don't look this huge ... but sometimes that ^ happens and like wtf...i think a lil to big..she's a nice person but hell why such big boobs girl ?

ChrisSukhnandan 2499 days ago

forget the boobs...look past that..she is smart too...FOR REAL!

soxtraswt 2499 days ago

she thinks her big boobs make her cute FAIL!

kinderteacher 2502 days ago

Ok but have you seen the girls teeth? yikes

jonboone3131 2503 days ago

Beautiful absolutely beautiful

booklover4ever 2503 days ago

I was so distracted by them last night. And she wouldn't stop touching them.....FOR REAL!

starsquiggle 2503 days ago

they look like those green DOT jelly candies

tammicook 2503 days ago

Look they don't even move..!

frogtexx 2503 days ago

Thats what happens when you pay to little for your boobs & too much for your bra =)