My entry for the AQ3D contest. Thoughts? 
This mysterious being is thought to once have been man. Legend says a powerful ruler once had a dark and twisted amusement of necromancy, trying to find ways to bring back those who have left this world. He would mix plant and animal matter into tonics and potions with disturbing results. He kept himself very much in shape to the point where when he did die, he would be at his physical peak. But he didn't die, he made his elixir, and now roams the lands in search of new followers to give his power to, he is building an army... If you see him or a follower, pursue. They must be destroyed at all costs...!
Extra notes: Skin is usually gray or a dull green or brown. The eyes range from oranges to blues to simply white. Roughly 6 ft in height, very muscular in body mass, with bones showing through in parts . Very evil, will hunt down it's prey or convert it to a lich like itself.