is a refreshing surprise in Makindye - Kampala. It's the sort of cosy place with incredible coffee, food, great pizza & FREE Wi-Fi 0704263333 / 0758263333

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bogo! Buy One Get One FREE... #Pizza #FreeWiFI #EatingOut #Makindye #Pastries #Coffee #Wine #Beer #Cocktails

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725 days ago

bogo! Buy One Get One FREE... #Pizza #FreeWiFI #EatingOut #Makindye #Pastries #Coffee #Wine #Beer #Cocktails


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CoffeeAtLastUG 613 days ago

Bogo! Bogo! (Buy One Get One) - It's FREE Pizza Friday at Coffee at Last

CoffeeAtLastUG 620 days ago

Pizza! Pizza!

CoffeeAtLastUG 627 days ago

It's FREE Pizza Friday! Claim you FREE Pizza today buy purchasing a Deluxe size one of your choice.

CoffeeAtLastUG 648 days ago

Claim you FREE Pizza today!

CoffeeAtLastUG 669 days ago

It's Free Pizza Friday! ::::: Also today, "After Thanksgiving Dinner @ just 35.000/- Per Person"

CoffeeAtLastUG 683 days ago

Specials: Cream of Mushroom12k, Potato Salad12k, Stir Fried Liver*16k & Vegetable Curry*17k. *with Fries, Rice, Wedges

CoffeeAtLastUG 683 days ago

FREE Pizza all Day...

CoffeeAtLastUG 697 days ago

Specials: Tomato & Coriander Soup - 8k, Potato Salad - 12k, Onion Rings - 6k, Stir Fried Liver * - 16k & Fish Curry * - 20k. * served w Fries, Rice or Mash

CoffeeAtLastUG 697 days ago

It's PIZZA Friday! :::: FREE Pizza all day \o/ :::: Happy Eid-al-Adha! Happy Holiday!

CoffeeAtLastUG 704 days ago

Specials: Crunchy Vegetable Soup - 8k, Steak Salad - 14k, Stir Fried Liver * - 16k & Mushroom Steak * - 20k. * served with your choice Rice, Fries, Mashed Potatoes or Wedges.

CoffeeAtLastUG 704 days ago

Available to enjoy with your Pizza are Beers, Wines, Cocktails and lot's more to make your Friday a great end of week.

CoffeeAtLastUG 704 days ago

Location: Makindye Hill after Hospice and opposite the American Club. Deliveries: 0704 263333 | 0758 263333 (0704COFFEE | 0758COFFEE)

CoffeeAtLastUG 704 days ago

Ajajajajaja...... It's Pizza Friday! and we are open 'tilll late :-)

CoffeeAtLastUG 705 days ago

It's PIZZA Friday tomorrow....

CoffeeAtLastUG 705 days ago

Specials: Tomato & Coriander Soup - 8k, Steak Salad - 12k, MacNCheese - 16k, Fried Beef - 20k & Fish Curry - 20k

CoffeeAtLastUG 711 days ago

It's Pizza FRIDAY! Location: Makindye Hill after Hospice and opposite the American Club, Deliveries: 0704263333

CoffeeAtLastUG 725 days ago

Open till late! Come enjoy FREE Pizza with Wine, Beer, Cocktails or just good old Jonnie :-)