Ebook - Greek Hoplite 480-323bc

(By Adam Hook, Nicholas Sekunda)

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Format: pdf

Language: English

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Download Ebook Here - http://lbooks.in/join.php?sid=4&tds-id=Greek-Hoplite-480-323bc

The Greek hoplite, the archetypal spear-armed warrior, is perhaps the most prevalent figure in our view of the 'Golden Age' of Ancient Greek civilisation. It was during this period that the state began to take greater responsibility for military organisation, and the arming and equipping of its citizens. From the victory at Marathon over Darius of Persia, through bitter inter-state warfare, to the rise of Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander the Great, the hoplite soldier was in the front-line. This title narrates the life and experiences of the common Greek warrior, how he was recruited, trained and fought, and also looks in detail at how his weapons, armour, shields and helmets developed in the course of time. From the Publisher Insights into the real lives of history's fighting men, packed with full colour illustrations, highly detailed cutaways, exploded artwork of weaponry and armour, and action-packed battle scenes. 

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