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Welcome Anastasia, The exiled. #OVERSOUL . 

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1036 days ago

Welcome Anastasia, The exiled. #OVERSOUL .


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VoidenDragonz 940 days ago

This is Revontheus's Girlfriend :P

dude5331 998 days ago

when will it be in the game?

Aerokioku 1002 days ago

Rev, I must say. Your spittin out Oversoul characters faster than Nulgath can add them. ^^

XIncandescentX 1016 days ago

Rev's girlfriend? :3

OptrickTafire 1028 days ago

Okay, this is something that is extremely epic. Now you just need a Rasputin, The Holy Man.

mieteor 1033 days ago

This looks great Rev. Is it a weapon though or a sword as a playable character?

nhutran2000 1035 days ago

this will be 3000 or 5000 per attack ? :D

SoulAlly_Hanna 1035 days ago

Shes... beautiful! :O I am in a loss for an explanation as to how much I love your work ^_^

Kokujoe_AK 1035 days ago

Nice work!!

kartron_ 1035 days ago

...i wonder how she will attack

Artist_4_Hire 1035 days ago

if i can posess her I want to make her mine. >:D

Cowctus 1035 days ago

Dem square arms, nice design tho. Damn, she loved jewels so much she became one. Silly gurl.

Tanapon_chp 1036 days ago

Oh my gosh....

ViestyAE 1036 days ago

Awesome! Just awesome! I can't WAIT to possess her! :D

Teh_Mr_E 1036 days ago

Wow that is really awesome. Can't wait to possess her!

DemonifiedLord 1036 days ago

:o Very nice! I like how the crystals seem to make her "one" with the sword ^_^ Good work.

TomcatArts 1036 days ago

Le gasp, I'm suprised no ones bitched and complained about shown skin! :O Awesome work dude :)

AlethiaAE 1036 days ago

I continue to fall in love more to Oversoul's art work. <3

DrDiceRoller 1036 days ago

The character perspective and approach on this is unlike anything I have ever seen! Not to say it is completely new but very very rare. This is incredible!