Trapeze-coat. #KsaniaStyle
Undoubtedly, the #trapeze-coat is a favorite of this #autumn season. I present to you three sets on the basis of such a #coat.
Trapeze-coat perfect match with the #dress, as well as a tight #pencil-skirt, also looks great with warmed #leggings.
In the first set presented simple cut dress, which I propose wearing with a thin #belt to make the figure more expressive. Ankle #boots with high heels perfectly match in color with the coat, #bag plum burgundy color complements this kit without distracting attention from the rest.
In the second set presented timeless #classic style with the elements of Coco #Chanel style. This is perfect set of appropriate to office #dress-code.
The third set - is a version for relaxation and walks, soft knitted long #sweater and warmed leggings are perfect for a cold November weather. Very comfortable #boots counterbalance top and the bottom of the set.
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