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The Mid last night My co-worker was grabbed by the gluteus by unwanted women; as he checked on his female friend around his VIP section with spent $600+ dollars was harassed by unwanted black men standing on top of the seating area near the stage cleared the area after he screamed what they are they doing harassing his FEMALE friend; which later the little brother or the two came back around to apologize and introduced his older brother which was doing the harassment acknowledged he does not care and is a wannabe pro UFC fighter and “you might see him on T.V. some- day” grabbed my friend by the throat and pushed him. My friend then walked up to security and mentioned the older brother grabbed him by the throat in his VIP and the security escorted my friend out of the club. What is the purpose of doing 600+ dollars at the club and being escorted for hostile individuals who don’t have a wristband to be in the VIP in the first place which does not belong in the VIP and actually do physical action to prove their ignorance in someone else VIP. I love Enclave + Spy Bar. At lease security there can hear both sides of the story as witnessed before my friend was escort out of the club with better judgment. The security didn’t take time to hear what my friend had to say which is qualified security, veteran (WORKED AS A FEDERAL AGENT), past nightclub G.M., director of music, marketing, and talent buyer and could run their club better than they could have more logistically. WE were also quoted three different bottle prices by the club and promoters for $150, $200, and $210 for the same vodka which isn’t that illegal in Illinois? We paid $200 per bottle. There was no dance floor; considering how small it is to book Yolanda be cool on Thursday you have to make up the money with VIP and considering how small it is with continuous booking of large scale D’s my girlfriends even question “is there money laundering going on in this club;” How does such a small club continue to book large scale Dj’s. PATRONS SPEND $ NOT TO STAND IN THE CORNER AND BE HARRASESED BY INCOMPENTENT FOOOLS!!!