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Miltonius Arts, LLC is an Orange County California based company Currently, working on the independent animation, AKUMI

BOOM! I done did it yo! #MiltoniusArts

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1348 days ago

BOOM! I done did it yo! #MiltoniusArts


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Cowctus 1345 days ago

Only a true game developer would make the game and play it himself without just giving it to himself

G73DZ 1346 days ago

Got it in 2nd chance lol

iangrantgarret 1348 days ago

alpha pirate is epic

ElevenElevenAE 1348 days ago

I found him, killed him, but his spirit evaded me T_T

DesignMt 1348 days ago

as a hint, he is in a small clearing in the woods. South side of map.

DesignMt 1348 days ago

Congrats. And to all those who dont have him , go on Battleon forums under oversoul to find out.

Necro_Zayrus 1348 days ago

I think that he are in the little lake...

Necro_Zayrus 1348 days ago

well... I think that i now where he is.. But i dont are very sure xD

Denmark_Rules 1348 days ago

Atleast hint where he is >.<

Galfor2 1348 days ago

please show pic of where to find this pirate

ZukaiAQW 1348 days ago