Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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dragunova0530 1318 days ago

늦은밤 저도 오빠와 어깨를 나란히하며 함께같이 농구나 아이스하키 의 경기를 보고 늦은밤을 쫓아 별 다를 것 없는 일상에서 한 번도 본적이 없는 낯선 세계로 함께 가보고 싶어요^^

Cinta_CRumi78 1567 days ago

OMG,, your smile...

FreaxxSweeth 1570 days ago

sus tenis los ame

Fah_Paifah 1570 days ago


paolixix 1578 days ago

i like your pants..

MaJoToKiTa4EvEr 1578 days ago

I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥

nis_nice 1578 days ago

welcome to Indonesia honey :D

iEMAN_3 1578 days ago

Waaaaah~The New H&G That Amazing Oppa ^-^~ ... Congratulations
by the way >>>u looks Fabulous YeSung-ah (=^.^=)

makoto_kanon_ha 1578 days ago

you likes.........19 years old............didn't cute ^^

sS7_kim 1578 days ago

kiss muchh


miachicshow 1579 days ago

너무 너무 귀 여 워 요 o(≧ε≦)o

TiaraBedingfiel 1579 days ago

Dear where are you? is in the warehouse?why isn't place being a cool when u were to taking picture ^^

ELF_darkangel 1579 days ago

you didn't look like 29..! XD

anfhy2428 1579 days ago

^.^^.^ ♥

_kuan_ 1579 days ago

Too skinny !!

JaniCLoudsJrs 1579 days ago


lindhaSHIN 1579 days ago

like you so much

leniang94 1579 days ago


Mizi_Ayako 1579 days ago

I like your style! ^^

sweetyHyuk_3104 1579 days ago

Hey kid !! prohibited for you walked around in the midnight !! let's back to home, drink milk and went to sleep !! okay ?? understand~~^^