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Mistaken as statues, the  Ancient Stone Guardian   knights are neither living nor undead. 


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679 days ago

Mistaken as statues, the Ancient Stone Guardian knights are neither living nor undead.



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chojingcong 669 days ago

me too.

ViestyAE 674 days ago

I think I already know where to start lookin' for these when they come out... >:D

ZeMageAE 674 days ago

Cant wait to posses it.

IronFenris 675 days ago

Make weapon variations of this :D it MUST happen.

LupusTheWolf 675 days ago

If they aren't living nor dead, then they're simply golems. Equation solved.

Axelwins2 676 days ago

By the ghost of neptune! I must possess this....

TyroniusAQW 676 days ago

Amazign design! Can't wait 2 beat this dude xD

Onilue 677 days ago

Cool! I wonder if it's going to evolve into some kind of giant colossaul knight or something.

Demento22 678 days ago

This is really awesome!Kinda reminds me of the "You know what" Legion (no troll) still i like it!!

AvengerAQW 678 days ago


iangrantgarret 678 days ago


gabielfda 679 days ago

Great armor, I Love it

SoulAlly_Hanna 679 days ago

Interesting one! VERY interesting. *Nods enjoyment of the pic* Very well done! Can't wait to see more from you!

mturf 679 days ago

nice. one would assume something like that would have high defenses

JeffTechnoWizAQ 679 days ago

Well at least they aren't weeping angels... Right?..... *Looks away and looks back* ASDNMSADHIFASDOM-.

kartron_ 679 days ago


OversoulTuts 679 days ago

Get a sheet of paper = easy win. These stone guardians stand no chance against paper xD

kartron_ 679 days ago

somehow i think it will be hard to find like how the witch is now

AmmitDevourer 679 days ago

This character is already in game?

Tomcat435 679 days ago

Assuming because it's made of stone, it'll be a defensive character?