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입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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680 days ago


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ContrerasPop 518 days ago

:3 suerte en todo junto a todos los super junior

love_dw_suju 660 days ago

elfish_minhae 679 days ago

appa ah, see u so tired. Fighting ah~~ saranghae! ♥^^

sweetyHyuk_3104 680 days ago

hahaha~~ slowly but surely oppa !!! be patient to wait you being slim like in the back then you looks !! ^-^ now isn't too bad ~^^ still good looking >w<

DoRae91MoN 680 days ago


YeonHeebelle 680 days ago


Albeelovesuju 680 days ago

nhìn anh mệt mỏi quá, cố lên nha anh

natulkaa 680 days ago

You are so hardworking! I try it for you too. FIGHTING Kim Youngwoon<3

natulkaa 680 days ago

You are perfect. You don,t need to lose weight but, if that make you happier you should work hard.

Boo_yeye 680 days ago

Oppa~ Fighting >"<

sewdeee 680 days ago


CanadaELFDiana 680 days ago

You do not need to lose weight! You are gorgeous!

137Cute 680 days ago

Fighting oppa! ELFs always beside you, we always support you!

CIw_9012 680 days ago

T___T racoon oppa Fighting!!!♡

Lady_Churnie 680 days ago

Oppa Oppa..do you still have to diet?? T_________T but i love you even tough you're chubby *3* i love chubby cheeks like Sungmin baby too~ HWAITING OPPA!!!! WE ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!! SUJU GANDA

jongwoongurl 680 days ago

hwaiting!!! U can do it!!! Semangat yah mas bro! :D

yesunglover1 680 days ago

^____________^ gwencanayo oppa.... for you and for me... aja aja aja skinny hwaiiiitttiieeeeeeeng!

yesunglover1 680 days ago

nee.matseumnida..nado. jeongmal difficult to be skinny..m T_T, but for uri so easy..T_T

_saHmatH_ 680 days ago

I totally agree!! I think i should do exercises :)

Siwonestshosho 680 days ago

ooh oppa fighting >3