ian somerhalder


Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

This is awesome-save water shower with Ian...

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1584 days ago

This is awesome-save water shower with Ian...


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LeahBrenaeCline 1577 days ago

All about water conservation over here :^)
Sign me up sweetheart

1iansomerhalder 1578 days ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :) ♥

BrookeDJames 1583 days ago

Love this!!

FredNikulin1450 1583 days ago

My friends, the sisters go crazy when they watch Vampire Diaries.

elaynachin 1584 days ago

i voluteer as tribute! :)

dazzles08 1584 days ago

I volunteer too!! Yeah BABYYYY!!!

NextAvril 1584 days ago

I'd be happy to volunteer baby

thatcoldblooded 1584 days ago

tô esperando no banheiro........; aqls

Deb_Lynn_H 1584 days ago

I volunteer too. Hell what woman wouldn't want this.

itsalvatores 1584 days ago

i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant this

VarvaraSh 1584 days ago

I want too! ;P

xxElenaGilbert 1584 days ago

I volunteer !

bonkitgirl 1584 days ago

I volunteer too!!

NinaInMyBlood 1584 days ago

I'll always be voluntary:)haha
I hope Nina does not get mad about it,was just a joke.Love Nina

CezuCezuk 1584 days ago

count me in :)

ivka956 1584 days ago

Umm the question is who doesn't volunteer? :))