Amateur artist, Blacksmith and Oversoul wiki helper ... As also a lover of good designs and arts!! :D -Follow Me!-  ... thanks to Belowz to flash it ^.^

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1348 days ago ... thanks to Belowz to flash it ^.^


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veneeria 1342 days ago

Nice !!

CervantesSalle 1342 days ago

You SERIOUSLY need to suggest your stuff dude! It is AMAZING me! O___O

CervantesSalle 1342 days ago

O____O I am in awe...

ArkaleReaper 1346 days ago

You should DEFINITELY suggest this for the Suggestion Shop O_O I would buy it right away O.o

Art_DS_Raja 1347 days ago

grreat job by

Art_DS_Raja 1347 days ago

u have GOTTA suggest this!

Axe459 1348 days ago

This is awesome you're a amazing artist

Belozw_AE 1348 days ago

xD I am uploading the legion version :D -> HOPE YOU LIKE!

ArcherusArts 1348 days ago

Woah, damn that's nice.

Necro_Zayrus 1348 days ago

You look the letters in the middle? .. try to do it whit your armor and it will be fabolous!

AiasAE 1348 days ago


Necro_Zayrus 1348 days ago

... I am waiting anxious the Legion version ^.^

Necro_Zayrus 1348 days ago

Really nice work... Is one of my designs whit the flash work of Belowz_AE :D!!