Brad Paisley


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Kendal took this 1

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2700 days ago

Kendal took this 1


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Jenpaisley 2697 days ago

Kendal needs to take pictures of you rear>>>.'cause I sure you have the best buns in Canada as well as DC...

aliasfan24 2698 days ago

That pic is so sweet! I love brad paisley he is so awsome!

Jlapper 2699 days ago

Love it... keep on Tweetering... you are so real. My picture is with my 18 yr old on his prom day... you'll see that before you know it with your boys!

ILLbLovinU4ever 2700 days ago

Great pic cant wait till you get back to Philly!!!

DarkChild05 2700 days ago

this is a good pic.

MaggieeJBGurll 2700 days ago


twinklelilnha 2700 days ago

this is a sweet picture

4cntrymusic 2700 days ago

Kendall, you have to turn a bit more to your right or somethin' ;)
Still loved seeing Brad in CAN this way!

BPaislySavnGrac 2700 days ago

Wow...this is a great shot! Yes, thanks Kendal! I think I might literally melt if I ever see you play guitar live...sooo HOT ;) !!!!

couglover 2700 days ago

Thanks Kendal! Looks like you guys are having great fun! have a great night

babydahl85 2700 days ago

That's awesome!!

spaundrummer1 2700 days ago

now thats cool!! thanks kendal

cheryla47 2700 days ago


Sarah_Anders 2700 days ago

wow how are these people keeping their hands down.. They just don't know what is to catch the spirit..

mlgilly 2700 days ago

Great picture, thanks Kendal!

ashleylebelle 2700 days ago

You had a great show! Can't wait to see you in Sarnia next year!

steph_jo 2700 days ago

cool this is like watching fire works just keeps getting

ki___ 2700 days ago

what a crowd! rippn it up on that Guit-tar

webwriter3000 2700 days ago


SkeenaNC 2700 days ago

awesome shot!