Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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896 days ago


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mishyila 888 days ago

just cute ... How can you be so cute? :)

AlienGirlJonas 893 days ago

hasta con pucheritos se ve lindo

SaRaNgE3AnGeL 893 days ago

كياوااااا... Cute Cute Cute Super #CUTE *^.^*~
Ya #KimJongWoon ~ Who believe that you are in the 28age u look like a boy in the 19-year-old ^.~* !!!

CathArchie 893 days ago

pucheros jaksjakska ♥

loryogi 894 days ago

me gusta cuando son ríes te vez muy lindo

Weilieneka 894 days ago

its weird to see you doing puppy face so you usually stare like "im gonna kill u" ò.ó

LoveMakesPeace 895 days ago

aws your puppy face~! so cute ☆ ~사랑 해요!♡

crysstelina 895 days ago

~A Star with stars on him!~cutee^^

JaniCLoudsJrs 895 days ago

Oppa saranghae^o^

jongwoongurl 895 days ago

aku cinta kamu :* I LOVE YOU yesung!!!!

yeye_kaulitz 895 days ago

pucherito!!!!!! saranghae!! I love so much!!!! every day loving you!

numijgnos94 895 days ago

michu michu!! you're similar a cat! hahaha!! =)

AndreHachi 896 days ago

^^=) cute nae sarang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

TamBattousai 896 days ago


Angela921102 896 days ago

>////< oppa so cute!

ElenaDies 896 days ago

De quien son trompas??? >w<

lenlenjo0694 896 days ago

sexy lips... I love you :*

CanadaELFDiana 896 days ago

So cute

anyuylois 896 days ago

Very very cute...your lips...beautiful ^-^

KoreanDrama808 896 days ago