Most of Beliebers have been supporting Justin since 3-4 years now, but never met him... while some others keep getting wristbands and meeting him over and over again... why can't we all meet him ?? all Beliebers deserve to meet him and see him in concerts right?... like I'm not asking to have front row tickets or VIP M&G shit, or be the OLLG ,I just want to see MY idol, the one i've been there for since the begining, but I can't. WHY?? cuz i'm not rich, i'm not a famous known bieber account. it's depressing knwoing that all i can do is stare at my posters and cry my self to sleep almost everynight. i don't have any kind of sad sob story, i don't know "people", but i still support Justin thru everything. i just want to get the chance to tell him how much he means to me and how much i love him, just seeing him for 5 seconds would mean the world to me... People tell me to "Believe" and "Never Say Never" but that doesn't work out well for me, i've been told that for the past 3 years and what happened? NOTHING ... and what happened to "Beliebers Help Beliebers"? huh? or it's only for big accounts that get their ass kissed cuz they have +100K followers?...I have accepted the fact that i'm not going to meet Justin like ever... but i'm still a Belieber, i'll always be as dedicated. i Just want him to know that i love him so much, and that he never fails to make me smile no matter what and that i'm ready to give up everything for him.