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  Check out this video of a girl in some major pain.  LiveLeak.com - Vagina Piercing Procedure  Warning - Item Vagina Piercing Procedure might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. from Ink Slingers Domain, Tampa, FL  Nipple Piercing (Girl) - YouTube  This is me when I got my nipples pierced :D Im so happy :heart: love them!!!! Hechos en Mantra, en Morelia :)  Belly Piercing - YouTube  Uploaded by cindytl4e on Oct 19, 2008 It was nothing I promise! : ) Category: Entertainment Tags: piercings belly ring Cynthia getting pierced License. Includes the best of YouTube videos.  Body Piercing Videos and Movies  Various Piercings Performed by Dave Gillstrap: Navel Nipple Prince Albert (PA) Tragus; Tongue Piercing performed by D.D. Getting my hood pierced by Jessica. Ouch!  Vagina Piercings - Video - Metacafe - Online Video Entertainment.   Some People lose sensation with their vagina piercing Damn 220+ views in less than 30 mins is a new record for me!!!! Thanks everybody Feb 11 #98 - Most.   I found out Liu Jian's Piercing 1 when looking through the list of winning films at the Portuguese animation festival Cinanima which ended a few days ago.   Is “Piercing 1″ the First Indie Animated Feature from China. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over.   Nose Piercing - What to Expect During a Nose Piercing Video  Video: What to Expect During a Nose Piercing with Dannielle DeBonis. Watch it on Myspace Videos.  Painful Nipple Piercing Reaction Video - Funny Videos, Funny Clips.  I Want My Labia Piercing Videos and Movies  Watch free I Want My Labia Piercing movie and videos clips from people who have this experience.   Getting my hood pierced Video by Jessica - Myspace Video  We go out and I get my hood pierced.. Nose piercing is a quick procedure, but it's also in a highly sensitive area.