It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!

In honor of Tracy Morgan's well-deserved Emmy nod for 30 ROCK, I Tweet this pic of the Tracy Morgan of Earth X:

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2503 days ago

In honor of Tracy Morgan's well-deserved Emmy nod for 30 ROCK, I Tweet this pic of the Tracy Morgan of Earth X:


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humanbeingtoo 2491 days ago

Excellent! Congrats Tracy!

JacobsenE 2501 days ago

very nice congratulation

PatFrmMoonachie 2502 days ago

"I'm gonna hose me some white people!"

Rayx2times2 2502 days ago

yo tina, imma get this whole audience pregnant! and imma use this hose to do it.

Deggsy 2502 days ago

I love 30 Rock, and Tracy Morgan, and even Brian Fellows (even though he's a thinly-disguised rip-off of Will Ferrell's Harry Carey. But then, Ferrell pretty much stopped being funny after Anchorman, so I guess Tracy deserves to take it...

sarah_jeanette 2502 days ago

Suddenly I have to pee...

P1llow_Pants 2502 days ago

Of course Tracy is showin' off his big ol' hose while the white man cry's in the corner! lol

Skookum86 2503 days ago

Anyman would be proud of that hose!

ChellMaBell 2503 days ago

Nah, it's Tracy Jordan spraying away Dr. Spaceman. :)

Martyph14 2503 days ago


alexis_ufcfan 2503 days ago

ever since the 1st brian fellows skit on SNL, i have loved tracy he is hilarious, and he always doing these cameo's in movies cant wait to see him star in one of kevin smiths movies, that movies is gonna be mad jokes... ill be there opening night.... much

danielcarin 2503 days ago

I never thought someone named Tracy could be so damn manly.

OpiesBlackberry 2503 days ago

Define how times change.

zappa2001 2503 days ago

Looks like he's comfortable with a firehose between his legs, like all black men are!

jerrylabuy 2503 days ago

There goes Astronaut Jones!

m2j 2503 days ago

I'm amused that this is right on Grandview and Metro a block away.

NativeSonKY 2503 days ago

Gimme the map, Scott!

reanimate_me 2503 days ago

You should get a photo of Tracy doing "The Pickle". Anyone who gets that reference is awesome. :D

anthony_h1187 2503 days ago

The Incredible Tracy Morgan has become so famous in Earth X, that he must hose down the hordes of cult followers.

jedispyder 2503 days ago

Nah, it's the crappy Marvel Earth X. In that Earth, Tracy never realized his potential and instead gets his kicks spraying down neighbors...