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One of the armors for Friday (:

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832 days ago

One of the armors for Friday (:


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HoHoHoHellNo 740 days ago

Wtf are you guys on about, its still amazingly flashed

mephilies 827 days ago

This is the worst selling item in the lqs (no offence)
like theres till 5000 of them in quality

PinwheelTen 829 days ago

xD Though I kind of agree with Luna soulfire, it is too goldy

JeffTechnoWizAQ 830 days ago

Wonder if your going to make a hammer for this. I can almost picture it. a Big Gem in the middle of the hammer. Blades are overdone XD

Undead_Thanatos 831 days ago

I WANT IT! i want gems CC!

ADarkchylde 831 days ago

If the blue parts on this are CC - its sooo perfect

IronFenris 831 days ago

friday? don't you mean saturday?

ZeMageAE 831 days ago


TyroniusAQW 831 days ago

Loincloth looks pretty weird imo but the rest ........ Woah! Well done :)

Artist_4_Hire 831 days ago

needs some white to break up that gold. too much gold. :/

Ghost9900_AE 832 days ago

YEESSHH!!! I KNEW ARANX WOULD MAKE THIS GOLLD!!! This and Dage awesomre armon is good LQS :D..acs...D:

KaiiTakahashi 832 days ago

Aranx Twist! Instead of obsidian,we get a sexy golden armor. This is one of those armors that shows that good can be GOOD-looking.

Jaasce 832 days ago

Niiice. Will the dark version be included as well? :D

EverettDumont 832 days ago

Is your personal armour? :/

kartron_ 832 days ago

finally some cool good armors

Luis_enrique_16 832 days ago