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A lady biker sits on Biden's lap today at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. via the AP

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1596 days ago

A lady biker sits on Biden's lap today at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. via the AP


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38_28_38 1441 days ago

EveGem Know what embarrasses me?

Baggers. Papa Bear Biden makes me proud & cracks me up ;)

38_28_38 1441 days ago

LongKnife12 (LOL @ Your stupid phallic name!) -

Why's Papa Bear Joe a creep? Lady looks happy

erinwinking 1595 days ago

LOL Okay then...

TheZooKeeper 1596 days ago

VP makes history, causes bikers to experience their first awkward moment.

zoltan_in_ct 1596 days ago

Joe is awesome. What a great image!

bruxaxaa 1596 days ago

pretty sure she's sitting on a chair. Still, fun pic, bikers expressions are a win.

gdsk3k 1596 days ago

This wins the Internets.

EveGem 1596 days ago

How this man is VP is beyond me #embarrassment

SunDevil4L 1596 days ago

"Hey, you think he carries a big stick..."

Longknife12 1596 days ago

What a creep - those dudes don't look all that pleased, either.

RROKC 1596 days ago

So what is wrong with the lady biker?? Why is she smiling??

JamesonLewis3rd 1596 days ago

Note the restraint of the man on the right as blatantly fondles his woman's buttocks.

emaleroland 1596 days ago

I've always wanted to ride a hog! What do you say baby? Let's get the fluke outta' here #squealLikeAPigForUncleJoe

terrisarten 1596 days ago

Doesn't look at all like Dr. Jill Biden.

badtux99 1596 days ago

Those male bikers on either side do not seem amused :). #JoeBiden

MisterJayEm 1596 days ago

"If the VP has to cool his heels in Mexico for a few weeks, you'll know why." –