Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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Vanegaku 1349 days ago

This photo looks so natural :3

annisa_saraas 1353 days ago

very cute oppa ^^

ZoiKiKu 1356 days ago

아우 오빠, 난 수염을 볼 수 있습니다! 하지만 당신은 금발 머리를 L.Joe처럼 정말 잘 생겼구나! 당신이해야합니다 그런 식으로 항상 아름다운 미소! ^^;;;;

KurdishELFishy 1356 days ago

my cute YeYe :))

MaJoToKiTa4EvEr 1356 days ago

NICE PIC OPPA!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

CanadaELFDiana 1356 days ago


anyuylois 1356 days ago

is happy that I am pleased... that's why we love him, he is so charming >3<

_kuan_ 1356 days ago

Dear ~ You So Handsome ~ :)

YSCheri 1356 days ago

Why do you captivates me so much?Maybe it's your eyes. or your cute nose or just your new blond hair?

alowverra 1356 days ago

왜 당신이 요청하지 않습니다??

Lady_Churnie 1356 days ago

oh my gosh~~~ blonde Yesung is soooooo handsome~~ i really really like it >,< moreeeee~~ but still your eye make-up makes you look the best!

jiorlani 1356 days ago


HaNguyen92 1356 days ago

Good evening^^!.the landscape behind u is really this emotion...a wonderful holiday,Yesung ah^^!

Ida9_AniasElf 1356 days ago

Oppa,, you so handsome. . . . . . .

Cutie_Pie_80 1356 days ago

Have you eat your dinner?I have dinner invitation at my aunt house...I have to get ready now sob sob

Cutie_Pie_80 1356 days ago

It's raining over here...but I'm so warm while looking at you...^^ you are so hot! ^^

KoreanDrama808 1356 days ago

Lovely this photo^^

Randomike_ 1356 days ago

Oppa so handsome and happy looking ^^ Makes me smile too.. Yesung forever!

shflyeong13 1356 days ago

da trắng qá à trai ^^

iEMAN_3 1356 days ago

u so Beautiful *^.^*~ ... Enjoy↖(^▽^)↗YeSung-ah~.OK >>> sweet Kiss for u (*╯3ε╰')~♥